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Daytona USA Deluxe

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Name: Daytona USA Deluxe
Year: 1997
Publisher: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 70% - rated 101 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Mar 10 2005
Warez status: Abandonware

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Game review

Author: Ben_sullivan
Date: Jun 29 2006 - 01:34
Score: 30 points
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We've all at some point or another played Daytona in the arcade. It was fun, it was meant to be an arcade game. But on a PC it just doesn't really work unless youv'e got a steering wheel and pedals. It also is starting to look dated now. They seemed to use up all the vasiline when making this game.

Whith it being an arcade game it is also quite short, there aren't that many tracks or modes.

Aside from all this Daytona is still fun to play, it's not perfect but it's fun, especially two player.


As far as graphics go, for a game on CLASSIC gaming it's graphics aren't that bad, but they're certainly not great. As I mentioned earlier, they seemed to have spilt the vasiline all over everything.


Handling is quite important in racing games and the cars in this handle like bricks with square wheels stuck on, however, saying that it is quite fun on two player to slide around on you brick around the corners and into youtr opponents. Asv far as one player is concerned, you'll just have to get used to handling your brick.


Although this game does have a few problems, once you get used to the handling it is still quite fun to play and you can add another 10%+ on to the overall score if you have a steering wheel. On some tracks the game is slightly hard but all the races are winnable.


Despite it's age, it's vaseline problem and the fact that you drive bricks on square wheels it is still quite fun to play, well worth downloading if you have broadband. (But don't try it in dial up! It took me long enough on broadband)

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Download full game 10579 Download
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Patch: Direct3D patch and no-cd patch 427 Download
Ingame music 239 Download

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User avatar
By Papafranjo - Jan 09 2016 - 12:41
Good Job Sega.
 :)  :-p  :D  -tongue-  :B
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Sep 12 2014 - 16:23
Drop it on the D:/ drive.
User avatar
By LCDDM - Aug 29 2014 - 13:37
How the hell do I install the music into the game itself?
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Jun 19 2014 - 13:08
Daytona on Saturn done right with improved framerate.
User avatar
By Athif124 - Apr 07 2012 - 11:07
@457:i have original Daytona USA PC,but that support only with DOSBOX,not Win XP

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