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Sonic R

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Name: Sonic R
Year: 1998
Publisher: SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: not specified
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 65.2% - rated 129 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Feb 10 2005
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Scentimo
Date: Mar 16 2005 - 22:17
Score: 45 points
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Sonic on the PC? Our favourite blue hedgehog leaves the Sega consoles, and likes it. The "R" is for racing (or maybe race). And that's what it's all about. Sonic and his friends, Knuckles for example, and his archenemies, Dr. Robotnik of course, in a 3D racing game.

At first, it looks a little bit strange, because this time there aren't any cars, karts or hovervehicles, most characters are running (of course, Dr. Robotnik is still flying) but you'll get used to it after the first rounds.

There are three different game modes: Grand Prix, where you can prove your racing skills in a full cup, Time Attack, where you can race against the clock and the funny multiplayer mode if you want to play against your friends (on a split-screen). The Time Attack mode also offers three other methods of playing the game: Reversed tracks, get five baloons (do I have to explain what that means?) and "tag 4 characters", where you have to catch four other characters. IMO the funniest time attack mode.

Mario Kart comes to my mind, the whole concept is pretty similar, but Sonic R is much faster and looks much better. There are the typical power-up items like increased speed and you have to collect the usual Sonic golden rings we still know from the first Master System Sonic games. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master as your enemies are very quick and not dumb. It may take a while until you have won your first race against Knuckles and the others. On the bright side, you won't finish the game too fast. And there are a lot of characters and tracks that aren't available from the beginning. Hours of fun are guaranteed.

The 3D engine is powerful and the game looks pretty good, even today. The graphics are smooth and fast (sometimes a little too fast) but the sound isn't really worth mentioning. The game works good on my Windows XP System and even recognizes my Geforce 3D card. You can control your favourite character with your keyboard or with your joypad. I prefer the joypad, it gives you a feeling like playing a console game.

For lovers of the old Sonic games, Mario Kart fans and for all people who like non-realistic racing games, this is really worth trying and playing.

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User avatar
By Patatas - Jan 19 2006 - 18:57
good game but not the best
User avatar
By Car1car2 - Jan 10 2006 - 20:08
good game but I prefere sonic heroes
anyway sonic heroes is warez -tongue-
User avatar
By Aaaaaa - Jan 09 2006 - 00:31
well i think its fun due to the tails doll which looks cool because people say this game is cursed and well i played it to prove them wrong but all of a sudden my monitor blacked out and i cant fix it -irritated- . but i was able to write this thanks to my moms computer which is my secondary computer. Anyways i still say this game is great and hope everyone beats it 100% without using the cheats like i did. :D
User avatar
By Ffistie - Jan 08 2006 - 21:46
I think everybody that ever play`d this would say...
this is the biggest piece of crap I`ve ever seen.

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