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Colonization for Windows

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Name: Colonization for Windows
Year: 1995
Publisher: Microprose
Developer: Microprose
Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Total rating: 87.3% - rated 386 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Feb 07 2005
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: R8a
Date: Mar 11 2006 - 20:38
Score: 35 points
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Colonization... so many memories...

Games that recreate a historical time of mankind are always welcome. At first, colonization proved that Sid Meier was not a good game maker, but one of the greatest (including the developing teams he has worked with). And this time, it was not the whole mankind history like in civilization, but just the colonization process given in the Americas, and let's be honest, playing against any of the monarchies found in the game is fun hehe...


To begin with, the gameplay, is just smooth, a great turn based strategy game. If you are not into strategy games, you will have a rough time learning the many aspects seen in this game, but giving it some time, you will get hooked up. Seasoned strategy gamers will find it very similar to previous strategy games, and is not that difficult to get into it. There is a difficulty level option, and you can always choose the country you will represent from the start (the netherlands and spain seem to be the most powerful countries given their advantages, but that's for me hehe). There are many American native races also (use a scout as much as possible, it will help you, a lot!), and you can always trade with the natives or you country (if you haven't declared independence of course).The AI DOES KNOW about tactics hehe, and seems to develop strong armies faster than you can usually, so you have to use your diplomatic skills at first, and maintain a steady grow to think going to war with anyone. And the economics models is deep enough to amuse you for hours thinking about the best way to play a turn. It may sound a little hard at first, but once you get the idea, you will love this game.


The graphics are well drawn, kind of what you would expect from a turn based strategy game of the 90's, and this windows port uses the same graphics the old colonization used. Every country has a unique color to id their units, and every native faction have their own buildings.


Sounds, are somewhat dissapointing, but, let's face it, this genre does not need help of a great soundtrack to entertain.


Controls, well, a mouse driven interface, that worked very well for the DOS colonization, but this windows port seems to be a little buggy, and the mouse does not respond to your command... but that's something windows users should be used to... and the controls are not the only thing buggy about this game... if you are a win xp user, you better save often, otherwise, you will find yourself yelling at your PC (like I did) just before losing an afternoon's hard work.


A brilliant game, if you still use your old 486, try it... if not, try it too, just a brilliant game... gives civilization a run for itself being a deeper game, focusing in a great historical event, makes caesar series seem a little plain, and remind us that a good game is always about its gameplay, graphics are just the nice touch... an 8 for the windows port because of some annoying bugs...

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Download full game 22590 Download
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Cheats 15525 Read
Patch: Official Windows 95 patch v3.1415926 43 Download
Game manual 762 Download
Map Editor 1384 Download

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By Beetle - Oct 11 2009 - 20:35
running in windows vista frequently occurs an error, resulting in ending the game. How to solve this? Anyone has any clue?
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By SimPY - Sep 27 2009 - 07:21
Unbelievably good game... best way to learn history!
This Windows version is a bit unstable and lagy thou... but absolutely perfectly playable!
Best this about this game is that you get what you play for... no way to explain, just lose a few times to get to know the game.
It's great strategic fun expanding your colonies, and adjusting your complete economical system, once they get taken...
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By Melliain - Oct 02 2008 - 17:26
But every cheat site in the world has published the Cheats for the DOS version (1194) as the cheats for the Windows version. Not only are they activated differently but many of the cheats don't work in the Windows version.

This is not a game anyone actually needs cheats for but if you're interested in playing around with them, the cheat codes on most sites, including this one, are for the DOS version and many of the codes are invalid in this one.
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By Private_pAuLa - Oct 01 2008 - 19:02
"[..] Actually there were plans for COL 2 but..."

There is a COL2 right now in stores!
I'm not sure wich one i like better...
The old one has it's charme and i played it for weeks!
great one!
User avatar
By Anna - Sep 12 2008 - 18:19
Ihad an original disc, and played this game extensively years ago. A wonderful game, highly recommended. But this one as downloaded is playable until it glitches out, and all is lost, without notice or recourse. So therefore not playable.

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