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Name: Excitebike
Year: 1984
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: NES
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 69.9% - rated 27 times
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Submitter: KoRnDogG
Added: Aug 23 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Nanaki_Xii
Date: May 10 2005 - 14:44
Score: 45 points
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Quite awhile back someone had the bright idea of making a racing game involving motorcycles, quite a generic premises. But into the mold came the factor that made ExciteBike the little gem it is. It's custom course editor was mostly likely what inspired most other developers to allow the player more freedom, leading to today's extensive map editors. Even without it's through-and-through editor, ExciteBike is a generally fun game.

Graphics, doesn't look like much? Believe it or not, ExciteBike's "astounding" visual appeal was considered fantastic when it first arose, unlike most other NES games that would burn your retenas to the point of blinding pain. A nice color palette, and a few little effects put in here and there (the dust spraying as your bike lands from a jump) makes gives it a small jump to better graphical appearance. Although there is a lack of them, the animations are well done and get the point across, if your biker crashes, it looks like he crashes, not a confusing mass of limbs in a little 8 bit ball of vomit-tinted color.

Sound is also better than the average fare. Your motorcycle growls as you throttle it up, and the crashes give a satisfying crush. If you play this, and wonder "What in god's name is he talking about!?" then you should realize that in 1984 we were little above the beeps and bloops that originated from the atrocious sounds and "music" that originated from the arcade.

ExciteBike's editor is where it shines. Design your own courses, make them challenging, make them daring, make them cause several hernias to your innocent biker. A selection of ramps and terrain allow you to customize your track to your liking, if you want plenty of jumps, you can make it so. When you're actually driving your motorized monster, you'll have sufficient control over your acceleration and direction. You can either drive up or down, forward or back, (the screen scrolls, so you can't head far back) faster or slower. When racing, the other CPU racers provide enough of a challenge, although they do seem to like ramming into eachother and sprawling over the most simple obstacles. A better experience is playing with a friend, the sheer thrill of shoving your bike in front of his at the last moment sending him flying is simple but satisfying. A fun package, of joy and injury.

Ignore any negative user ratings, ExciteBike is a great entertaining joy ride, considered a classic by many. If you're looking for a short thrill, or looking for someway to express your creative genius on the editor, then try ExciteBike, it most likely won't let you down.

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By Elfangor - Dec 31 2011 - 00:47
I actually had the game when i was younger and i really liked it
User avatar
By CountDruckula - Aug 01 2010 - 19:44
I remember having this game when i was little it was fun but I wish i could save my tracks I made so many fun ones.
User avatar
By Volverine - Apr 07 2010 - 13:42
Yeah! This is really gret game! Of course you must keep in mind it's age. Anyway it is easy (at first levels) and funny. Also if you wish you may try to build your own tracks - it's even more interesting than to use existing cources. What is good is that you may save your tracks (unlike it was on Nintendo)
User avatar
By Scouto2 - Feb 18 2008 - 03:24
i actually still have this game for the NES. the build your own track function is awesome
User avatar
By EnzyBoi - Dec 15 2007 - 10:08
Now this was a game I could play for days on end, making crazy tracks and testing my limits and "riding" abilities. A great classic.  :D

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