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Super Mario RPG

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Name: Super Mario RPG
Year: 1996
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Genre: RPG
Total rating: 81.8% - rated 52 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: Jul 27 2004
Warez status: Warez

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Author: Diskboy3k
Date: Jul 29 2004 - 15:16
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Super Mario RPG?! What the hell is this most of you are thinking... well that´s what I thought at first anyway. To be 100% truthful, I have never even heard of this game before, let alone played it! I thought it was a fake game just renamed Mario something when a friend gave it me and said I would like it. Damn was I wrong, and he right!!

This game was made jointly by Nintendo and Square, the people behind the infamous Final Fantasy games. Well to start off, I was blown away by the graphics, they look REALLY 3D!! I mean, when I started playing, I thought that this was something I should have had for the N64, not the SNES, as it really doesn't look like a 16 bit game at all. The graphics are really, really good, and they are backed up by a very impressive music score, which includes tracks from some of Mario's previous games, those fun little happy beats.

This game follows a usual Mario plot... in fact guess what happens? Yip... once again the princess has been kidnapped and its your role to save her! Unlike Mario's other adventure games, this one takes a very different role. Being developed by Square, the people behind the Final Fantasy series, I had a feeling that this game would be something along the lines of them, and it is! In Final Fantasy battle sequences, you don't just jump around trying to hit and kill your enemies; you have to do it strategically, with a certain console. The console consists of button movies, such as punch, jump, and the 'special movies', which you have a limited supply of. You take turns on having a go, you and your enemy, and you have to select which type of attack you feel is best and will do the most damage. Every time you attack an opponent, or are attacked by one, you loose 'hit points', these are like life values that go down after every fight. If you loose enough of these you obviously die and have to start again, although the game can be saved which is really good. The fighting style was strange at first, mainly due to the fact I'm not used to playing Mario games like this, but I soon got the hang of things.

Super Mario RPG is a really fun little adventure game, and would probably be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. It seems to be based on the default Nintendo's Mario ways, although the fighting sequences are defiantly Final Fantasy clones. I think the mix of both games makes this really fun and enjoyable, and it's nice to play a game in which you have used the characters before various times, but to operate with a totally new gaming style. Very impressive. I would recommend anyone to try it out, after all I didn't really want to try it at first but am really happy that I did now!

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User avatar
By Reece44 - Jun 08 2009 - 09:11
There is something similar to this......
Super mario allstars was the name i think.
It is for the gameboy.
It also has puzzles to solve and minigames too.
User avatar
By Simjournexp - Mar 26 2009 - 05:59
This was the most awesome game on SNES besides BREATH OF FIRE series!! Literally!
User avatar
By Brokendownflier - Jun 17 2006 - 20:39
This series is protected by the ESA and will not be available for download on CGN. Do not ask for anyone to email it to you, post links to sites that have it or else those posts will be deleted.
User avatar
By Vindieselatemybook - May 06 2006 - 20:56
they have a downloadable SNESX under applications and its way easier than oteher ones :)
User avatar
By Superkumi100 - Mar 11 2006 - 17:50
I love this game, so many secrets to find...

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