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Name: Megarace 2
Year: 1996
Publisher: Mindscape Inc.
Developer: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 72.1% - rated 131 times
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Added: Jul 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: TheBadAss
Date: Feb 27 2005 - 23:40
Score: 40 points
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My gosh, where the hell does this guy get those crazy suits from? Every other talk-show host falls down on his knee's while watching Lance Boyles performance! This smooth guy with his shark-grining is moderating the big MegaRace-Show, where competitors rush over virtuell track - only loosers have to go back to reality!

First of all, the graphics in this game are simply amazing! The wicked tracks are higly detailed. Wonderful and huge white mountains, big tropical plants or japanese buildings, as well as cool looking spaceships and wonderful skys are just a few of teh great things you may see in the game. When you're rushing over the great looking streets, you must be careful not to loose your concentration on the game because of the beautiful in-game world. There's not a racing game even today that can go with it! The cars look great and highly inspirated, too.

So is the sound. The music is going much into techno, but without driving you mad with repetitive licks. It's realy solid and it builds up you adrenaline even higher while racing your opponents to dead.

Dead may be the keyword in this game, because you are not only winning the races by simply being faster than your opponents, but by making them feel it! You can shoot them with rockets and missiles or make them drive in some of your mines or oil slicks. But so do your opponents, so you gotta watch you're back and if neccessary, repair your car after a succsesfull race, or spend your money on weapons.

To make the whole thing much more funnier, you get to watch many of twisted videopclips between the game. Lance Boyle's shticky humor and his lovely assistant are doing an awesome job entertaining you with insults, jokes and other kind of funny stuff, without ever losing their goofy charme.

If you loved games like F-Zero, Mario Kart and all kind of that, MegaRace 2 will defenetaly be your god in arcade racing games! But even if you're just out for some fun, action and tention, MegaRace should serve you very well!

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CD ISO - Megarace 2 (Disc 1) 91 Download
CD ISO - Megarace 2 (Disc 2) 82 Download
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User avatar
By Duke87 - Feb 04 2016 - 19:25
I have a question for an admin.

I want to upload Megarace. But I have aa few questions:

- How to copy a game disc, because i own an original copy of megarace (the first megarace, not megarace 2).
- Also wat is the warez status of the game.

Thx in advance.

Ps: An answer after 1 year and 7 months would be great. (posted the same question on the 25th of june 2014) :D  :D  :D
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 22 2014 - 19:00
Touring Car Champions uses the same technique.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 22 2014 - 19:00
I gave it a 10, fantastic game, uses the same person who did the voices in the Appeal game Outcast, and the Cryo developed title Evil Inside.
User avatar
By Bee_94 - Dec 02 2014 - 11:14
The game has 3D cars over an pre-rendered and animated background.
User avatar
By Duke87 - Jun 25 2014 - 19:24
a question for an admin:

i have an original copy of megarace 1,
how to copy it for uploading and whats the game status

thx in advance,

ps: also send admin or moderator a messge

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