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Test Drive 3: The Passion

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Name: Test Drive 3: The Passion
Year: 1990
Publisher: Accolade
Developer: Accolade
Platform: PC
Genre: Racing
Total rating: 62.9% - rated 16 times
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Submitter: Res
Added: May 22 2004
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Res
Date: Jun 05 2004 - 23:19
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This is not really a spectacular game, you can run it on old computer systems (286/386) but when you have a 486 it's uncontrollable and guess what it is when you play this game on a 800MHz system. I have to confess that Test Drive 2 is my personally favorite Test Drive game but part Test Drive 3 is not as good as it could be, the graphics are fine, the music is okay, and the sounds are very simple but this game was created in the beginning of the soundcard revolution (1990) so that's noting to worry about, the gameplay is too worse, it simply sucks.

When you start Test Drive 3 you see a short intro movie where a Lamborghini shows up, it looks really spectacular when this game came on the market. Test Drive 3 also contains very good looking pictures of three super cars, I'm talking about the following cars: a Lamborghini Diablo, a Chevrolet Cerv III and a Pininfarina Mythos. When you enter the main menu you can choose between these cars, the car selection menu looks pretty good, it offers some nice photos and a lot of information about the car in question.

Before you start your race are able to can choose between different races, like you vs. the clock, you vs. one upto three other players, or you vs. one computer controlled car. Your are also able to choose between five different difficulty levels.

After al those menu controlled stuff you can start your race. The camera position is inside your car so you can see your steer. When you give a lot of gas your car starts driving (automatic transmission), I could never really control my car because the gameplay is so fast that it's almost impossible to control your car when you go faster than 50MPH. During your race you will see normal traffic and nice extra's like a crossing train, cops, and sometimes it rains, options like this are pretty cool but the gameplay makes this game one of my worsest racing games.

When you own a 286 or 386 I really want to suggest you to download this game otherwise don't download it (even when you own an old 486 PC) because this game is almost uncontrollable. You can say that the developers (Accolade) didn't do their work like they should, well that's not true because this game was released in 1990 and 386's where new system back then and on 386 systems this game runs very well, only later PC's don't really like this game.

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By Res - Apr 03 2010 - 11:28
The full game download has been replaced. Now the game should work like a charm when using Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Next to this the official Road & Car Disk addon has been slipstreamed into the package.

When you experience any difficulties concerning running the game please send me a message by clicking my username. Thanks in advance.

Have fun!
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By Widdi - Jul 29 2007 - 12:45
I don't really like this TD part of the 3 I own. Without DOSBox it's unplayable on my computer. and the graphics, tough they're ok for an early 90s 3D-vector engine just suck. Even TD1 and 2 look better than this, even tough they're pseudo-3D
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By HighWire - Aug 10 2006 - 20:30
I have uploaded it, but it seems to be awaiting moderation. Should appear soon, I guess? ? :)
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By HighWire - Apr 15 2006 - 20:02
Meh, the game runs fine in DOSBOX when you slow down the emulation speed. Doesn't anybody notice that the game is one of the first true 3D driving simulators? I could contribute the add-on (2 new cars and 5 new course) to this game if anyone is interested?

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