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Sega Rally Championship

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Name:Sega Rally Championship
Publisher:SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Developer:SEGA Entertainment, Inc.
Total rating:66.1% - rated 118 times
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Added:May 28 2004
Warez status:Abandonware

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Date:Oct 04 2004 - 18:43
Score:35 points
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Back in '94 sega released 2 awesome arcade games. Daytona USA and Sega Rally Championshp. Both were extremely popular because they looked great for their time and they were a great deal of fun. 3 years later sega releases sega rally championship for the PC. They have added a few things to the game, but the racing is pretty much identical to the arcade version.

Pick one of 3 cars (1 hidden) and race through 4 tracks (again, 1 hidden) while overtaking your opponents. The vehicles you get to choose are the toyota celica, lancia delta and lancia stratos. The handling of your car is competent, it'll turn in a realistic fashion as you slide around the corners at high speeds. Your car isnt destructable and it wont get dirty along the race but that is forgiveable for a game of its age. As you race and take over your opponents and finish a track, the position you finish a track will be the position you will start the next track at. The goal of this game is to end up coming 1st by the time you complete the last track. This game offers some extras such as 2 player with a connection to a remote computer and difficulty settings. Gamepad support is a nice addition, but it doesn't competer with the pedals, steering wheel and gear knob at the arcade.

The graphics are jaw dropping for a game made in '94 but they are outdated in '97 which was when this game was released. Over the 3 years, the graphics remain unchanged and to make it worse there is no direct3d support or even 3dfx support. Everything is software rendered which sucks especially since the textures are grainy and it would have done a lot of help to smoothen them. Pop-up is noticeable but not so much that it would annoy you much. The games highest resolution is 640 x 480 in 16bit, so you end up with pretty crappy graphics altogether.

Again, it is unchanged, but all you would expect from a rally game is here. The crowd will cheer, the co - driver feed you instructions, the tires will make noise as you take a corner at high speed. The engine noise is pretty unrealistic though. Not much to fault for a game of its age.

8 credits is more than a good deal for this game and 8mb should warrant a download for even dial - up users.

Overall sega rally championship is a good enough rally game for its small file size so unless you are saving up for something, than you should give it a go.

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By Error0187 - Jan 21 2012 - 06:02
for anyone having a multicore cpu and experiencing slowdowns: get imagecfg.exe and set rally.exe to use only one cpu
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By 456 - Jun 04 2011 - 05:31
Crap graphic, even model 2 arcade emulator have better graphics, but this is more playable
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By Kik2210 - Jun 25 2010 - 14:07
graphics may be crap but sega rally and daytona are still the best... :-p
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By Blackmetaldaddy - Apr 06 2010 - 11:28
Here´s a little trick to get as close to the full game as possible even when dloading a ripped version:
First dload the Fullgame with approx. 7 MB in size
Then dload the ingame music approx 60 MB in size
Then Install the ripped game
Then Burn a mixed mode disc with track 1 as a data track (I use a blank txt file for that) and from track 2 on the audio tracks (in audio mode) in the correct order.
Burn this to a disc or an Image File (I use Nero for that)
Then place the finished disc in your FIRST disc drive (must be the FIRST otherwise it won´t work)
If you mount the disc from an image file (I use DaemonTools Lite) be sure to give the virtual drive the FIRST letter of all your disc drives)
Then Start the game and - tadaaa - with music and shit :)


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By RetroGamer66 - Dec 23 2009 - 15:48
A accelarates

Z brakes

, steers left

. steers right

Spacebar is handbrake

S is upshift

X is downshift

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