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Captain America and the Avengers

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Name: Captain America and the Avengers
Year: 1991
Publisher: Data East Corporation
Developer: Data East Corporation
Platform: NES
Genre: Action
Total rating: 68.3% - rated 6 times
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Submitter: Volverine
Score: 10 points
Added: May 06 2010
Warez status: Abandonware

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Author: Volverine
Date: May 06 2010 - 16:12
Score: 50 points
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Welcome to one of my favorite NES Games, which used to steal my free time for a few weeks until I managed to pass it. Even when I finished it, I returned to this game, because it has two modes – one player scrolling arcade, and also two players VS fighting mode.

Story and Gameplay:
The story is based on a famous Marvel series “The Avengers”. There is a team of four super heroes who fight with evil. The chief of evils – an ugly person named Red Scull managed to steal two good Guys – IronMan and Vision, and the other two – our heroes Cap’ (Captain America) and Hawkeye – must find them. Each of them have his own skills: Cap’ have powerful shield that can protect from enemy bullets, can be a weapon (Cap’ throws it and shield, after beating you enemy, returns to his hand like a boomerang. Jumping from above on your enemies, and pressing “down” arrow, will smash them). Also shield may prevent falling down into a water or acid. Cap’ also may climb onto chains and ropes (very useful ability – some levels are hard to finish without this). Hawkeye have a bow that is weaker than a shield, but have a longer and wider range of attack (while Cap’ may throw his shield only forward and backward, Hawkeye may shoot wherever you want). If you don’t know who is better and can’t choose from this two guys – don’t bother! You will play both of them. At the game start they will be splitted and placed in two different map locations, but soon you will manage to unite them. To do this, you must find somewhere a bonus with “A” or “H” letter. This will give you possibility to choose between them in every moment on each level. Bonuses are situated on every level in special oval boxes. Other bonuses are: Health (look like heart), continue (1up), exit permission (looks like a large red ball) which is obligatory to leave a level, and crystals. Collecting a hundred of crystals will upgrade your weapon and give you some extra lives. There are three upgrade levels. Upgrade is necessary, because the more bosses you kill, the more powerful become another enemies. At the game starts one shield attack is enough to kill usual enemy soldier, but when you will manage to pass major bosses you will find it difficult to fight with more powerful soldiers on every level. (There are some “small bosses” – “firemaster”, “barrelman” – you will meet them for several times, four major bosses and the final “superboss” – Red Scull. All other enemies on the level are weak, but be careful: killed enemies (except bosses) will “resurrect” if you return to the place where they were killed. That’s all, I suppose – let’s go for victory! Even if you manage to pass all levels, don’t rush to delete this game – try the VS mode – you may play versus your friend and one of you will be able to select “the bad guys” – (first three bosses), and the other will select Cap’ or Hawkeye. Of course it is not such good as Mortal Combat or Street Fighter, but you may like this VS battle too.

Some other information:
1. Music is present everywhere and there are two good, pleasant melodies, different for your two heroes, and some more for battles with bosses
2. Colorful landscapes and heroes – good Comix-Style graphics.
3. Some levels have light ON/OFF switches (You will see your enemy, but not bonus boxes which contain exit permission).
4. When enemy soldier shoot you – you will just lose some health, but when you punch him – he dies!
5. Try to read what your assistant, a girl named Wasp, says between levels – there are some advices and useful information.
6. There are some winning tactics against the “bosses”. Several tries and you will figure their “program”.
7. Try to collect as many power crystals as possible before fighting bosses – after defeating one of them all you enemies (on all levels) will gain a level up.
8. You may find out, what levels have many crystals and return to them for a several times.

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By EVANdersar - May 07 2010 - 04:49
great game...........LIKE OLD DAYS

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