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Shiny Entertainment

Name: Shiny Entertainment
Established: 1993
Status: Active
Links: Official site
Submitter: Diskboy3k
Added: Jun 02 2004

Company description

Shiny Entertainment is a leading interactive video game developer, the creator of numerous award-winning titles for the PC and video game consoles.

Founded in 1993 by David Perry, Shinys most recent project was 'Enter The Matrix', based on the sequels of the blockbuster action thriller 'The Matrix' from Warner Bros and directors Larry and Andy Wachowski.

Before forming Shiny Entertainment, David Perry developed several successfull titles such as; Aladin, The Terminator, Cool Spot and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But it was the 1994 release of 'Earthworm Jim' that really put Shinny and Perry on the map!

Shiny seem to be going from strenth to strenth...

Some games developed or published by this company

Name System Genre
Earthworm Jim 2 Genesis Action
Earthworm Jim SNES Action
Earthworm Jim 2 SNES Action
Earthworm Jim Genesis Action
Earthworm Jim Master System Action

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