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Red Storm Entertainment

Name: Red Storm Entertainment
Established: 1996
Status: Active
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Added: Jun 20 2006

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The story of Red Storm Entertainment goes back to 1985, when Clancy met a British Royal Navy captain named Doug Littlejohns. Fresh off the success of his latest book, The Hunt for Red October, Clancy asked Littlejohns for technical advice on his next novel. That novel eventually became Red Storm Rising.

Twelve years later, Clancy began looking to try his hand at an interesting new creative endeavor - the formation of a multimedia entertainment company. Once again, he looked to Littlejohns for advice, asking him to lead Red Storm Entertainment as president and CEO.

With the backing and co-ownership of Virtus Corporation, and after partnering with Pearson PLC, Clancy's and Littlejohns' new company released its first title, Tom Clancy's Politika, in November 1997. Packed with a new Clancy paperback novel and a separately sold board game, Politika started Red Storm Entertainment on the track to success.

Since then Red Storm Entertainment has quickly become a leader in content development for multimedia. In 1998, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was only the second title to be released by the company, timed to hit the marketplace within weeks of Clancy's book by the same name. The game was an instant success, delighting gamers with its emphasis on hostage rescue and realism that was unheard of in the action genre. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six set the stage for a new genre of "squad-based shooters" that focus on teamwork and cooperation as well as realism. Today Rainbow Six and its sequels are still considered the very best of tactical shooters.

In September of 1999, Red Storm released Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, the first sequel to the hit Rainbow Six franchise. Rogue Spear surpassed the success of the award winning original game. Versions of the original were released in November 1999 for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 platforms, with Macintosh, Dreamcast and Game Boy Color versions following soon after.

Red Storm's tremendous success caught the eye of international game publisher Ubisoft Entertainment in 2000 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ubisoft in September of that year. Founded in 1986, Ubisoft has offices in 18 countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany and China and sells its products in a total of 52 countries. Red Storm adds a new edge to the Ubisoft line of products and will continue to operate as a separate brand of the global company.

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