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Toys for Bob

Name: Toys for Bob
Established: 1989
Status: Active
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Added: Feb 05 2006

Company description

Toys For Bob is an independent, small, video game developer, founded in 1989 by Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford. They created the cult-hit Star Control series (including Star Control II, but not the third installment) for Accolade, after which they went on to create a number of games for Crystal Dynamics, including the hectic combination of action and strategy, The Horde, The Unholy War and Pandemonium (which was released as Little Witching Mischiefs in Japan by Bandai).

This relationship with Crystal Dynamics ended in 2002, and Toys For Bob sought cover under Activision's wing. The company has been bought since by Activision (on May 3, 2005), and is now considered a wholly owned subsidiary - the management team and employees have all signed long-term contracts with Activision, and Toys For Bob will remain in place in Novato, California.

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Some games developed or published by this company

Name System Genre
Pandemonium PC Adventure

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