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DreamForge Intertainment

Name: DreamForge Intertainment
Established: 1993
Status: Active
Links: Official site
Submitter: Compugeek
Score: 10 points
Added: Feb 04 2006

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One of the very few small development houses that produce a *consistent* string of quality games, DreamForge Intertainment (or Event Horizon as it was known in late 1980's) has slowly but surely established itself on the forefront of adventure / RPG arenas, with such underdogs as The Summoning, Veil of Darkness, and most recently, Sanitarium to their name.

Although the company has also developed several strategy games for SSI, notably War Winds, DreamForge's strategy games do not share the same depth and labor of love that are apparent in its adventure and RPG games. DreamForge has come a long way from DarkSpyre, but in that first game was sown the seeds that would characterize all DreamForge release: fluid interface, ingenious level design, wonderful automaps, and-- above all -- excellent writing and not only communicates the plot but offer numerous anecdotal details that separate good games from great ones.

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Chronomaster PC Adventure

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