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Name: Microsoft
Established: 1975
Status: Active
Links: Official site
Submitter: Res
Added: Feb 04 2006

Company description

Microsoft was founded 1975 by William H. Gates III and Paul G. Allen in Albuquerque. Their office was located Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1983 Microsoft launched the first version of their most successful product called 'Windows', currently the most used operating system line on the market.

Old Windows version such as Windows 3.11 are generally called 'Operating Systems' but this isn't true, for example Windows 3.11 used MS-DOS (another fine Microsoft product) to run, so it was more like an application running in a DOS environment. Microsoft's first real operating system was Windows 95; it didn't require a copy of MS-DOS or any other kind of operating system to run.

Nowadays the most used operating system is Microsoft® Windows® XP and most likely in the near future Windows® Vista® will take over this position.

Next to the succesful Windows operating system Microsoft also develops games (Monster Truck Madness, Age of Empires, etc.), applications (Office, Outlook, etc.) and consoles (Xbox, Xbox 360). The games mostly have "Microsoft Game Studios" or "Microsoft Games" as developer, this is just a part of the huge Microsoft company.

Some games developed or published by this company

Name System Genre
Metal Gear Solid PC Action
Sports Car GT PC Racing
Age of Empires PC Strategy
Gex PC Action
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC Strategy
Midtown Madness PC Racing
Monster Truck Madness PC Racing
Monster Truck Madness 2 PC Racing

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